HIS X1550 512MB HyperMemory w/128MB DDR2 PCIe
  • X1550HM_128PCIe_500
產品編號 H155HMF128ELN-R
EAN 編碼 4897005358757
散熱器 Fan
GPU 1550
芯片時脈 550 MHz
記憶體 時脈 800 MHz
記憶體 512 MB
記憶體類別 DDR2
記憶體介面 64 bit
介面 PCI-Express x16
顯卡大小 12.1 X 18 X 2.2 cm
包裝盒大小 12.5 x 25 x 4 cm
產品重量(連包裝盒) 0.22 kg
Availability Available in US Only
  • ATI Premium Graphics™
  • DirectX 9
  • PCI Express 2.0
  • HDTV
  • Dual Monitor
  • DVI
  • VGA
  • TV-Out
  • Small Box
  • Powered by ATI Radeon X1550 GPU - 500MHz
  • 128MB-64bit 4 channel DDR2 memory - 800MHz
  • 4 Pixel shader processors
  • 2 Vertex shader processors
  • 4 Geometry Pipelines
  • Ultra-threaded SM 3.0 Engine
  • ATI AvivoTM
  • High Precision Architecture
  • CrossFireTMSupport
  • PCI Express® x16 lane native support
  • RV515 80nm process
  • Vertex and Pixel Shader 3.0
  • Dynamic Branching and Flow Control
  • 128-bit FP32 Processing
  • 128-way Ultra-threaded dispatch processor
  • High Dymanic Range rendering
  • All stage Trilinear (16X) Anisotropic Filtering
  • Full (HQ) Anisotropic Filtering
  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing mode
  • 6X Adaptive AA
  • 12-tap error-free Dynamic Soft Shadows
  • High resolution texture support (up to 4k x 4k)
  • H.264 Accelerated
  • Dual-Link DVI
  • CrossFireTM support
  • DirectX® 9 and OpenGL® supported
  • HIS delivers Faster, Cooler, Quieter plus the best quality product!
  • Platinum packing with software bundle
  • Professional customer service and technical support
  • S-Video Cable
  • Conversion Cable Mini-Din to RCA
  • HDTV Output cable
  • DVI to VGA Dongle

Model Name HIS X1550 iFan 512MB HyperMemory w/128MB (64bit) DDR2 PCIe Dual-Link DVI & TV (NTSC) (RoHS)
Chipset Radeon HD X1550 PCIe Series
ASIC RadeonTM HD X1550 GPU
Pixel Pipelines 4
Vertex Engines 2
Manu. Process (Micron) 80nm
Memory Size (MB) 512 HyperMemory w/128MB
Memory Type DDR2
RAMDAC (MHz) 400
Engine CLK (MHz) 550
Memory CLK (MHz) 800
Memory Interface (bit) 256
Max. Resolution 1920x1200 (single-link DVI) or 2560x1600 (dual-link DVI)
Bus Interface PCI Express x16
Power Supply Requirement 450 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended
2nd VGA No
2nd DVI No
TV-out Yes
HDTV (YPrPb component output) No

X1550 PCIe 16X System Requirements

· PCI Express® based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard
· 450 Watt or greater power supply recommended
· Certified power supplies are recommended. Refer to http://ati.amd.com/CertifiedPSU for a list of Certified products
· 1GB of system memory
· Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
· DVD playback requires DVD drive
· Blu-ray / HD DVD playback requires Blu-ray / HD DVD drive

For more information, please visit the following link:

Delivers all high-end graphics features for gaming, surfing the Internet and watching digital video at a smart price!
HIS X1550 delivers all the high-end graphics features: supports the DirectX 9.0c, OpenGL 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0, and for anti-aliasing with HDR. Avivo™ engine is also included for encoding/decoding the latest video formats, e.g. MPEG-4, MPEG2, DivX, and H.264…etc.

Prepare your PC with a graphics card that delivers a premium Windows Vista™ experience for playing games, watching movies and viewing pictures. HIS X1550 provides excellent image quality for all gaming, visual and interactive applications.

CrossFire™ Ready for Extreme, Accelerated Gaming

Get double barrel multi-GPU gaming performance that works with all games by just adding another HIS X1550 Series graphic card for powerful GPU sharing. Starting with a HIS CrossFire Ready graphic card and motherboard, plugging another HIS X1550 Series graphics card. HIS CrossFire™ accelerates all your games, all the time, and delivers the highest image quality modes and resolutions with no special software or patches needed for compatibility.
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